Meditation is not  doing [kriya]. It can not be done as it happens and grows in you.  Its not a ritual not a virtue not even an action, infact  it happens when  all actions and efforts ceases . meditation is a nature of your consciousness .it grows with your awareness ,the more you are meditative more you become conscious. With this conscious growth you attain capability to become one with divine or you may call it brahmaan. one should always be careful before adopting the meditation as it is one of the most easiest and complex  aspect of life. one another important thing is  also essential  to be remembered  that only right guidance and right preparation can  lead to right meditation and vice a versa . because difference between right and wrong  meditation  never can be judged in the beginning but negative outcome has been seen later if done wrong .  one can destroy himself and may be victim of split personality  if  get misguided . Meditation is a state of  consciousness, being aware , a watchful presence in  current moment , knowing all the actions , thoughts and   feelings detached. Meditation is beyond  everything what  you know and going to know in future .

Shudhi Karan

A unique spiritual therapy invented by meditation master Rajeev nirnayak helps you to detoxify your body ,mind and heart from the hidden diseases ,mental blockages, and suppressed emotions like fear , anger and lust etc . makes you feel the profound peace , vitality ,inner light and silence ,before getting to this relax state of mind . one should never try to meditate , getting in to meditation is a little serious matter in the beginning and then it becomes a playfulness once u understand the concept properly.

Its really harmful if you try it directly . meditation is a miracle. it do wonders but one needs to have a proper groundwork to get in to it . The shudhi-karan is an essential part , its like taking a bath before going to temple or church , if you meditate without shudhi-karan it would be like sitting on a dustbin and worshiping god and by doing this you are not only insulting god but also destroying your innerself , meditation is just like flying in the sky for which you need to unburden your wings from the accumulated clutter, only then one can introspect with in , can meditate and realize own self easily , then you can understand the mystery and experience the ecstasy. Become a mirror like where god or divine reflects.