This quest has always been a mystery ,few people say  he is the creator of this universe , some say  god lives in every atom and some say even believe  there is no god ,few says even a small leaf doesn’t move without his permission …..  so many definition  many answers , but the question is still same even is becoming  more significant with every passing day .

Mind creates only questions , the stronger the mind the deeper the  question ; who is god , what does god mean , how does he look ,where does he live ,what is his ideology for perfect life ,when was he born etc etc…the never ending series of questions would arise if asked but no sign of god found . and the most important question is that if  the actual god out of so many self created  gods around is real . you would find two kind of people in the world . theist & atheist . theist who doesn’t belive and atheist who believes . but you would hardly find a person who  goes to search . these both kind of people are not different from each other in context of god  . because one says god does  exit ; without knowing it , and another say god doesn’t  that too without knowing . so theist  and atheist are the part of one belief only looking in different directions.

Christians says Jesus was God , Muslims beleives Mohammad as their  Allah , Buddhist found goutam buddha the  god ,Sikhs followed guru nanak  and  hindus have many avatars of  gods like lord Krishna, lord rama, shiva, n many more.

Unfortunately  the real god has been lost in  the crowd of so many gods.
Though all believers says god is one.  but their definition of real god is the god in which they believe but not the real one . actually  belief is a certain kind of escape of   searching or discovering for the real one.

Belief  is the  barrier ,belief is always blind or I would say a blind person or community will always believe ,because they have  no other option and nothing can be discovered where there is belief  ,belief is only needed when there is no space for  the search of truth and  without search no body has known truth or god ever  . yes god is the answer which is achieved only by those who dare to search.

But search is rare and arduous, only one out of million billion goes for it that too in centuries  .and  the one who searches like  Christ , Mohammad  or Krishna  becomes our gods . these seekers  have been followed by huge number of people and  by following and worshiping  we think we  know the truth or god , we do almost everything  . we worship them  , write scriptures , make  statues , temples ,practice  rituals but never do what they did ,we forget about their search ,their struggle ,their sadhna , their discovery , their experiments the pain they  had gone through to discover the truth and the real god , we never try to find out what Christ or nanak  did to become enlightened or become one with almighty  from a normal human.  rather we  try to escape from the query  by worshiping  them ,  it seem we follow them , we respect them but actually  we never listen to them and deceive them as well as deceive ourselves . we   remain temporarily happy and miserable  with the temporary life and temporary  god and miss the life time opportunity  to attain the ultimate aim of enlightenment .

Shudhi karan

A unique spiritual therapy invented by meditation master Rajeev nirnayak helps you  to detoxify your body, mind and heart from the hidden diseases ,mental blockages, and suppressed emotions like fear, anger and lust etc.  Makes  you feel the profound peace, vitality, inner light and silence, before getting to this relax state of mind. One should never try to meditate, getting in to meditation is not a joke unless you understand the concept properly.  Actually its really harmful if you try it directly. Meditation is a miracle.  It do wonders  but one needs to have a proper groundwork to get in to it. The shudhi-karan is  an essential part, its like  taking a bath before going to temple or church, if you meditate  without shudhi-karan it would be like sitting on a dustbin and worshiping god and by doing this you are not only insulting god but also destroying your innerself, meditation is just like flying in the sky for which you need to unburden your wings from the accumulated clutter, only then one can introspect with in, can meditate and realize own self  easily, then you can understand the mystery and experience the ecstasy. Become a mirror like where god or divine reflects.