Our Upanishads have declared “food is Divine” in the ancient time and now our scientists have discovered that everything in this universe consists the same energy.

According to Shri Rajeev Nirnayak inspiration of the DFT is hidden in the name itself as it starts with the word “divine”. In his view, we live in the boundary of divinity but it is unseen or, in few cases, ignored by the individual himself which results in the stressful life that he leads. All religions are just the pathways but, the destination is divine he says. We have only two ways to live life, either take life just as matter only thereby keeping a negative approach or start realising the divinity within each substance.

Meera, the well known devotee of Krishna, is one   example of how to live content and joyful life as even poison couldn't affect her well being and she continued singing for Krishna. On the whole, celebrating life changes one's mind set, granting the power and wisdom to eat, relax and live to the brim.


The adage attached to India "golden sparrow” is now fading with each passing day and starving for its dignity. The need of the hour is to wake up from our deep slumber and make a shift from theoretical education to practical one. DFT is a first step in the same direction thus bridging that gap created in our current education system unfortunately. DFT would prove to be a mile stone in helping negativity amongst people of all ages. We see people these days getting into the trap of violence, anger, over eating or wrong eating habits, behaviourial disorders, and addictions of various types.

Through DFT we can also make our upcoming generation more relaxed,focused, receptive and patient helping them to live with their own conscience, developing better understanding for moral and social values and keeping them chargedwith harmony and positive energy.


  • The world’s fastest effective therapy

DFT gives instant relief by changing the practitioners gestalt of mind. Soothing music calms down mind and open the heart chakra the supplier of vital energy to whole body and nervous system.

  • Curing the root causes

DFT helps to turn down habit of excess eating tremendously which is the major cause of many diseases like obesity and weight problems. Medical science says obesity is the major reason of many dangerous diseases and would be the biggest challenging disease around the world in future to deal with.

  • Focus for excellence

DFT improves energy level ,focus and productivity also makes you more capable to give hundred percent to whatever you may do which makes you feel lighter, happier and calm.

  • New perception for life

DFT changes your complete perception for life, makes you more positive and compassionate for the people around, which leads to wonderful relationships in society and at work place.

  • Help maintaining intuitive discipline

With DFT by being aware and conscious  you nourish your soul as well which in journal we always miss out due to not being in present.(which makes you master of your thoughts and emotions).

  • Initiate spiritual journey

We unknowingly intake lot of negative energy wrapped with food when we eat unconsciously. Practicing DFT purifies your food, eating with whole of your consciousness is a key to make your food conscious too. Consciousness means the pure divine energy here, which keep fulfilling and refreshing the practitioner with new vital energy each day.

Scientific Approach

Research says that the Hypothalamus Gland (HG) is a section of the brain responsible for hormone production. The hormones produced by this area of the brain govern body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, circadian rhythm, moods, sex drive and the release of other hormones in the body. This area of the brain controls the pituitary gland. Though it's a small part of the  brain, but is involved in many necessary processes of the body including behaviourial, autonomic, and endocrine functions. Means imbalanced HG is a big cause which leads us into eating and behaviourial disorders and multiple biological complications.

DFT turns the table, and gives a definite cure for the 'modern lifestyle' problems. It acts like an antidote as regularly practicing DFT effects in healing and balancing of our hypothalamus gland by calming down the mind and slowing.

What & Why DFT?

Live here and now is running Divine Food Therapy a health campaign, an awareness initiative to prevent humanity from lifestyle based diseases provided with  book of health secrets and the cd of musical therapy which can be practiced by a teenager even.It doesn't ask the practitioner to change his/her food habit directly, rather it changes his mind with few days practice. Make him/her more willing and insightful to opt for the healthy food automatically. It acts like an antidote as regular practices of DFT heals and  balances our HG by calming down the mind and  slowing down the thought process immediately. As a result over eating disappears as 90% of us eat around 40% extra of natural body requirement which is the major cause of weight problems, hormonal disorders, diabetes, heart problems etc. DFT of course prevents  mankind from many diseases and inspires him to live a life full of health, happiness and harmony.

The study of yoga has been maintaining since times immemorial that what we eat makes our mind and body. But both science and yoga couldn't much help the situation in the olden times as the state of human  mind body was not suffering the way as it is in the modern complex world. Neither people had such disturbed state of mind neither they had wrong eating patterns. It is DFT that makes possible this realization of what should be consumed, how and in what quantity for better and healthy living. DFT rather focuses on how to eat that can bring a drastic change in the lives of people and transform the soul of nation.