About us

Live here & now organization  is an ngo  which is a lamp of hope in billions life which got established  by  its founder shri Rajeev nirnayak in 2007 . its an non profitable organization which is committed  in bracing our ancient treasure without any prejudice related to  religion , casts, and communities . This organization  aims to motivate people to adopt meditation in their daily life for healthy and peaceful life . also make them realize about their hidden potentials.

Eternal energy and wisdom which can be easily discovered from within through meditation. To create a new vision for life which leads them to face each challenge with a smile and courage. Also  inspire them to live  meaningful and dignified life with a heart filled up with the song of love and celebration. Make them more disciplined and  independent  thus they live  the way they want , so they can think and take decision on their own on behalf of their  on awareness and insight  rather decided by any society religion or so called moralists.